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Our contribution to make the Earth a better place

Planet Earth is home to many living creatures and we strive to make it a better, welcoming and healthy place. Being aware that today’s comfort leads to energy consumption we seek innovative energy solutions that contribute to saving our Earth.




Why? – Automatic sliding door with sensor detection only opens when it needs to, preventing unwanted air from blowing inside. The innovative “energy save” function ensures that the door consumes less energy consumption when in “OPEN” or “CLOSED” mode.

Social responsibility


Why? – Doorson is strongly responsible by producing automatic sliding doors that save energy and reduce CO2 by 70%, as we are fully aware that we must also protect and care for our society in the best way possible.

Thermal insulation


Why? – Thermal insulation highly contributes to maintaining the temperature in the building by using insulating glass. It overall improves comfort and makes an important contribution to reducing heat loss.

Healthy environment


Why? – Even closed, automatic sliding doors improve your everyday well-being by letting lots of natural daylight in, creating a healthier and brighter environment for everyone.



Why? – Quality materials and long-life products make our automatic sliding door a smart solution to increase the sustainability of buildings. The use of recyclable materials additionally maintain our contribution to making the Earth a better place.